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Malaysian Psychic & Healer

Originally posted on Mazuin Mynrose : Universal Healer:


Mazuin Mynrose is a Universal Healer & A Life, Spirit and Soul Coach.Her Journey into Spiritual Guidance and Healing was sparked when a Gypsy Palm Reader told her of her gifts and explained to her of her hidden abilities and explained that she was also an Empath.
Mazuin took on this journey into Spirituality and Metaphysics after her trip to Australia in 2010. She was a Fashion Design Student and dropped out of her course to pursue Spiritual and Metaphysics Healing when answers about who she really was opened up the doors of truth to her heart and soul. Mazuin has never


looked back since.
Mazuin used to do Tarot Reading for fun and hobby when she was 16. She was very fascinated with Esoteric Knowledge’s when she was younger. Mazuin picked up Tarot Reading professionally at 22 years old and alongside got to learn what an…

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Spotlight on Illuminati , Awaken the Light within all Humanity with Queen of Hearts

It is important to know what the Illuminati is preparing or acting for our consciousness instead of ignoring. Put a spotlight on them and say prayers for Illuminati controlled people to find strength to open to the Divine Balance. It is not a war between Dark or Light, Good or Bad, It is a Strive to reach Balance and Unity. Someone has to start it. – Mazuin Mynrose, Universal Healer Messenger of Love and Balance <3

In parts of Humanity there is a Light within that needs to be awakened in the Heart Center and I am going to be part of you. – Queen of Hearts, Mazuin Mynrose

highres_183457002 Order a session for a heart awakening, online or in person Mynrose Studio, Empire Damansara Soho 1 Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya Selangor, 03-76110265.

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Lets make the world safe for Sensitive Men

Hi Earth lovers,

I just finished watching a youtube video called :  The First Step Toward Healing After Abandonment | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network. It showcases a few things about Men in General.

I was watching a trailer after researching something on Harpo Studio in Chicago, owned by Oprah. I saw this movie trailer it is called Before Women Had Wings. It talks about an Alcoholic Man and his Family going Down-spiral and the kids having a forbidden friendship due to culture and society.

What crossed my mind was, we must start to make this world, safe for sensitive men. Men has been plundered to always be masculine and whenever they are feminine, they are seen as weak, called to “man up” and they are taunted and not being fully accepted or supported by family members or friends or peers and even colleagues. It is hard for men to express their emotions without being looked down upon.

We must start to allow men to express their feelings without being judgemental.

the Polarity of this human nation is that women are known to be emotional and men are known to be logical. This separation is what creates the non-harmonic polarity shifts and thus the big Gap. Gender roles are very biased in understanding human nature.

Human nature does not despise ability for certain gender role to be specific in a set of femininity and masculinity.

The best way to put things forth is the unique balance of Androgyny or the evolution of being Androgynous in personality traits and characteristics. The gender human shapes are just a physical outlook.

To create harmony within the human nature is to create harmony within human essence.

Human essences consists of their personality, traits, character and attributes. As we are evolving in the journey of human harmony, we must not stick ourselves to right or wrong, bad or good, but to always be in the natural flow of things, to be without force, and to live with a flow.

Human essence compose of all divine feminine and masculine. Such as that being said, I would point out my beliefs are that of evolving into a a natural complex that embraces both parts of feminine and masculine within each human being/ soul existence on this planet earth. And Therefore, we should be seeing more Androgynous Evolving beings who are at peace with their Divine masculine and Feminine.

This is also a case of Duality in this World that separates people rather than unite and harmonise each existence on this planet earth.

Sensitive Men are Really a Lost Breed in this current Era. But due to the Spiritual Evolution outburst with thanks to the Age of Aquarius, there are Sensitive Men waking up to their Power and Being A-OK and Alright with who they are, and start to show more of this personality openly. Lets prepare and give support to this human evolution where men are embraced especially when they are portraying emotions.

I have a funny vision of Jude Law in the Holiday crying his eyeballs out as he is prominent to being a sensitive character who always cry and show his emotions unendlessly. If you have not watched the movie , The Holiday starring Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and the Titanic Girl, Kate Winslet. Go see it.

I provide Private Life Coaching sessions. If you wish to learn to be empowered as a sensitive individual wether men or women, I invite you to get in touch with me by email or visiting my services here

Universal Healer/  Life Coach

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One Year Ago Today, an Article waiting to be Shared 28 June 2013, Published 29 June 2014

What I learn the past few weeks that I’ve been in the shallow waters of the deepest end of my inner dwelling is. The royalty kingdom is a living subject of Annunaki. Tau Cetian Generation. I require to create a solution for removing brain washing and mind programming from the humanity, absorbed by the western culture. Eastern culture is not all dead yet. And many western individuals are embracing the peace of the eastern culture. The governments are all corrupted no matter where they are in the world. Except perhaps Iceland since they are inclined towards righteousness.


When I say the Royal Kingdom I interpret it as the Kingdom acquired by Queen Elizabeth and her family. When I say there are a living subject of Annunaki. They abhor the energy and dna qualities of the Reptilian Race Annunaki – most known as Gods but are not. These Annunaki history can be read in this article. (Lead to the article of Annunaki origins) The fact that Queen Elizabeth has made a carriage made out of $1billion Gold carriage. Show Ancient Alien Episode of the Gold Mining Annunnaki.

I learn that we have to create a solution for MK Ultra Mind Programming that has been brainwashing many celebrities to do the devil’s deeds. Such as using Illuminati signs to showcase hidden subliminal messages in musics lyrics videos and movies. TV and Screens has been a subject of Brain Washing and Mind Programming. For that we must always be alert and conscious in what we are allowing to enter our brains. As Indoctrined altered Brain Waves can mash up our whole entire human system by changing subconscious believe system and altering our perception and changing our immediate actions unconsciously to be influenced by these absorbed brain waves collected by TV Channels, Music Videos, Movies and Music lyrics. You must select the things you wish to see and discard those the things that is not beneficial or may harm your conscious mind.

In this world – Since Advertising Industry is one of the biggest most funded Industry in the world that also beams out this Mind Programming, not many of human has the ability to weed out all the Subliminal Programmings in the world. Advertisements for Temporary Entertainment and Fulfillment, Sexual Implimentation, Slimming Diet Programs, Luxury that is Desired because The Industry says that it is Desires. Those who control the Advertising Industry controls the Market of the World. They are the childrens controlling the playground telling what can be played and what should be banned from playing. In the Advertising Industry – Veganism, Healthy Food Raw Organic Natural are not classified as an explosive market. Because this products are not altered in any way and may not be able to be sold as a desire need and they do not generate profit for the people of this playground.

Merkabah is in Israel, Israel has no death metal or does? Well The Annunaki is the Dark Sight the Darkness they’re Pyramid is Pointy on top. But the Light Anaphels. Are the Light Side, they’re Pyramid points to the bottom.

The World War Z is a message to the world about us needing to be all sick in order to save ourselves : If you Inject yourself with anything given my the WHO Governments, think again. Think deeply. I choose not to take any genetically manipulated vaccines into my body. Zombie or no Zombie.


Just have to weed arrange organize my mind : Organize your mind and your whole life will be organized. Journalling is good. So mazuin journal keep it written even if its messy. Write it down.


The new Energy system : Must it be creatively taught? Must it be

Create a Full Proof Course – Star Core Energy System – 7 types of Energy System…


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